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coronavirus conspiracy: SAFER AT HOME

Feature Film -

When a retired Zookeeper (John Lehr, "10 Items or Less") is kidnapped by a crazed Economist (Joseph D. Reitman, "Happy!", "The Perfect Storm") during the COVID-19 lockdown, he uncovers a grand mystery that connects every worldwide disaster. Together, the Zookeeper and the Economist work to discover who is truly at fault.

The first union-approved independent film to shoot in Los Angeles after the 2020 lockdowns, “Coronavirus Conspiracy” satirizes the many conspiracies about the virus in the setting of a laugh-out-loud and claustrophobic dark comedy. It was co-distributed by Lionsgate in September of 2021.


Short Film

A short film directed by James and written and produced by Tasha hardy, Curiosity stars Bob Clendenin (Scrubs) as a bored mailman who has a not-so-secret double life of spying, and hatches a plan to save his dream girl. The film also stars Eddie Steeples (My Name is Earl).

The film was an official selection in the Oscar-qualifying LA Shorts International Film Festival.

Kids on Coffee

National Commercials

Kids on Coffee is a series of three advertisements aired for Daily Buzz Coffee. They were conceived, directed, and produced by James and received limited national syndication.

Adolf Silverstein

Short Film

Adolf Silverstein is a short film written, directed, and produced by James. It stars Tim Bennett as a workaholic undead demon with a passion for killing teenagers. But he must learn not to prioritize his career over his ever-distancing wife and son, or else risk losing the most important thing in life... family.

Adolf Silverstein has now gone on to compete in numerous festivals all over the United States and Canada. It has won Best Actor at the New Jersey Horror Film Festival and the Port Orchard Film Festival, along with the Silver Award at the Spotlight Horror Film Awards.

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